Dubai Airport

Airport code: DXB

Passenger’s per year : approx. 70mil.

Terminals : currently 4

  • T1 – all international airlines
  • T2 – Flydubai and budget airlines only (separate terminal and not connected with T1/T3 )
  • T3 – exclusive to Emirates
  • T3 concourse A – exclusive to Emirates A380 aircrafts ( only accessible via train )
  • T1 concourse D – opening November 2015
Dubai Airport complex


T1: at the present time under re-furhbishment. Until renovations is finished, expect lots of noise, bad lighting, low ceilings, crowds and long queues. The entire building is outdated, chaotic and gate areas with duty free are ugly. Passengers sleep on the floor as there isn’t enough seating and even the business class lounge is terribly overcrowded and old. There are the usual fast food and cafe options.

Pros : e-gates

Cons : long distances, long queues, construction, wi-fi never works

T2: just renovated and extended. Arrival hall spacious and clean but flydubai check-in counters always with long queues. Immigration and security usually quick. Terminal is small size and all gates are in one big “warehouse” style space. Very noisy and busy at all times. Flydubai business class passengers have their dedicated lounge. There is a duty free and wide range of cafe’s.

Pros : quickly “in an out” due to relatively small sq.ft, modern and bright. Wi-fi sometimes works, e-gates

Cons : very noisy, dirty toilets, nowhere to sit

T3: relatively new ( opened 2008 ) and exclusive to Emirates airline which currently handles 64% of all passenger traffic.

Huge check-in area and efficient immigration and security. Longer queues usual during night time at the weekends. Train to T3 A on right side after security and shiny lifts on the left brings you swiftly to the “gate floor”. Here all the magic ends and you find yourself in very long, narrow, extremely crowded space with low ceilings and nowhere to escape.

After traveling thru Singapore Changi, Hongkong Intl., Amsterdam Schiphol or Munich Airport, it is difficult to understand why something much better didn’t happen here at DXB Airport.

I am traveling thru the airport very often and notice never-ending effort for improvement, but due to design and floor plan, there are mainly “cosmetic” changes being applied. Are the architects to blame?

Pros: modern, clean, easy to navigate, wi-fi sometimes works, e-gates

Cons: claustrophobic and overcrowded, low ceilings, shops everywhere, nowhere to sit and relax

T3 – concourse A: newest addition to the airport. Opened 2013 and fully dedicated to the best aircraft      A380.

Connected with T3 via underground train and

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