DUBAI : Challenge Reality in VR Park Dubai ? Review

A new Virtual Reality ( PVRK ) park is now open in Dubai Mall. You can’t miss the entrance, evoking the Inception movie-themed bending streets of Dubai and surrounded by other popular attractions such as Kidzania, Haunted House or 22-screen Movie Theater.

Unfortunately, the flashy entrance promises more than the actual theming inside delivers. I wasn’t impressed with the dark and non-descriptive space. Sure, the upside down Burj Khalifa definitely has the wow factor,  but that’s about it.

The attraction itself spreads across two levels using space of the recently re-branded Sega Republic “theme park”. Some of the original flat rides were kept in and just re-themed to fit with the new concept.

You can “escape the reality” in more than 15 experiences which majority involves VR Headset.

Here is the main issue…the quality of the graphic used is quite rudimentary, which ruins the sense of reality.  It also smells a bit, some of the headsets are quite heavy, not comfortable to wear and dysfunctional. At least half of the rides were disappointing due to these failings.

Also, some footage isn’t very well coordinated with the actual ride movement, which is most obvious on the Plummet attraction. Try to ride Dubai Drone, or Plummet without the headset!

In my humble opinion, there are only 3 experiences worth a visit :

  • The Walking Dead VR Outbreak
  • The Raft 
  • Burj Drop

Don’t’ miss a review of every each ride & photos below…:)

VR Park Dubai is a full-fledged Virtual Reality park trying to bring family entertainment to another level. But does it deliver enough fun to justify the price tag? Let’s see the comparison of day passes with other entertainment destinations in Dubai and Worldwide:


  • VR Park Dubai: AED200 / USD55 ( no resident offer / you opt for pay by ride AED45 )


  • Aquaventure Waterpark: AED195 ( resident rate ) / AED275 ( full price )
  • IMG World’s of Adventure: AED195 ( resident rate ) / AED245 ( full price )
  • Motiongate Dubai : AED165 ( resident rate) / AED235 ( full price )
  • Ferrari World Abu Dhabi: AED195 ( resident ) / AED295 ( full price )


  • Disney Magic Kingdome CA: USD102 / AED374
  • Alton Towers Park: GBP55 / AED269
  • Universal Studio Singapore: SGD76 / AED 210
  • Sea World FL: USD78 / AED286

Make your own judgment…


1. Arena

  • Terrible photomontage experience with animated animals & objects. You can choose from different themes ( dinosaurs, ocean, safari ) and somehow try to take photos with virtual “things”. The outcome isn’t very exciting…NEXT!

2. Burj Drop 

  • This is quite an enjoyable drop tower ride, which feels much more dramatic thanks to the VR headset. Good fun cleaning Burj Khalifa facade and falling down!

3. Geminose: The VR Carousel

  •  just some slow spinning “thing” for the little ones…including VR headset.

4. Robocom 

  • Space shooting VR game while sitting in a moving seat. Good graphics, a bit long and no scoring system which makes the game pointless.

5. Robocom VR 

  • 3D Floor projection of chosen theme ( shark attack etc. ), which was actually enjoyable. The floor screen is clear and hydraulic movement and effects work well with the film. You will be enclosed with three other people inside a moving box and watch the floor below you through 3D glasses.





6. The Raft 

  • The Raft requires players to grab their VR guns and work together to defend the swamp against an infestation of supernatural creeps. One of the highlights of my visit. Clear VR experience and fun for four players. Equipment was very responsive and new.

7. The Walking Dead VR Outbreak 

  • Survive a ride through the zombie-infested hospital. A scary zombie shooting action game. Not for the faint-hearted ( like me 🙂 ), You will be shooting the undead from a wheelchair while being pushed through dark, creepy sanatorium. Clear visuals, good sound, and scary fun all the way!

8. Ape-X 

  • Just NO! Bad graphics, non-responsive gloves, broken sound and very long shooting game while standing on top of a skyscraper. Definitely one of the worst activities. I’ve left after few minutes…

9. VR Sports 

  • I didn’t try, but it does look like a Wii but more immersive with the VR headset. You can choose skating, hockey, soccer etc…

10. Plummet 

  • VR Skydive experience. The footage doesn’t match the movement of the ride, so better enjoy without the headset. You will be spinning upside down on this rotating pendulum ride. Good fun!

11. PAYDAY: The VR Heist

  • A bank robbery goes wrong. Just another shooting activity. You need to play in a team.

12. The Mummy Prodigium Strike & John Wick Chronicles VR Experiences

  • These are two similar experiences involving VR headset to transport you into a movie theme. I have tried the Mummy theme and was shooting zombies ( or something ) from moving helicopter ( it didn’t look very Mummy-ish ). It would be fun if it didn’t make me dizzy.

14. Construct

  • I Didn’t find this attraction ( perhaps I wasn’t looking hard enough ) but it supposes to be scenes exploring game from PresenZ movie format ( whatever that is )

15. Dune Bash

  •  Dune Bash attraction is actually two rides. First one is 3D action journey on a vehicle with “attached to an airplane” story. The car you are sitting in moves, turns, shakes while you are watching the mediocre footage. The other rise is similar but includes VR headset and dune bashing theme. Nothing to rave about…

16. VR Baloon

  • As you can guess, you will be transported in the air to watch the world below. A bit boring activity including VR Headset.

17. VR Bus

  • Another boring and not very enjoyable experience. You will be sitting on a bus watching scenes from chosen city. Do yourself a favor and skip this one

18. Dubai Drone

  • Wild Mouse type of rollercoaster including VR headset with bad, spasmodic footage of Dubai. Much better to enjoy this ride without the VR. Pity about the spinning at the end, it’s too much and will make you dizzy. Still, one of the better rides…

I was happy to experience this attraction but will stick with a “real” theme parks. There is nothing better then adrenalin rush while conquering the speed on Ferrari World’s Formula Rossa, or being “flushed down” on Aquaventure Water Park Poseidon’s Revenge…


  • OPENING TIME: 10AM-11PM ( vary by day )


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Motiongate Theme Park Dubai The Hunger Games Lionsgate Zone

MOTIONGATE : The Hunger Games “land” is now OPEN !

The world of Hunger Games, best selling novels and movie trilogy ( 2008-2010) is now become a reality.

You can experience the post-apocalyptic Panem at Motiongate theme park in Dubai. ” Labeled” as Phase 2 of the theme park expansion is due to be open officially soon, but both major rides are in technical rehearsal and intermittently available to park guests.

Mack manufactured launched roller coaster Capitol Bullet Train and 3D flight simulator Panem Aerial Tour are truly enjoyable, state-of-the-art attractions and will fully immerse you in the world of 12 Districts of Panem.

Let’s have a closer look at both rides :

  • Panem Aerial Tour

The ride queue starts with the infamous poisoned white roses as a direct reference to the evil President Snow. Movie music, together with displayed props, clothing and images work well and there is plenty to look at while waiting for your flight.

A safety video hosted by Effie Trinket is a nice introduction to the quirky world of Capitol city, before  proceeding to the waiting room with 5 doors. They lead to the loading room with ride vehicle consisting 5 rows/6 seats per row.

This vehicle moves forward to another room with a 360 circular shaped projection. Passengers get to go on a 3D flight tour of the Capitol, but of course, things doesn’t go as planned and there is wild chase through the city. The vehicle moves very smoothly and wind effects makes the experience much more realistic. The journey feels very immersive and well designed.

My only comments will be towards the sharpness of the projections, it should be more crisp and vivid. Hopefully this will be fixed as the ride is still in technical rehearsal.


Ride Turbo Track at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi 

See world’s first Bollywood Theme Park 

Check all the latest Theme Park news from UAE here 

  • Capitol Bullet Train 

Motiongate’s 4th coaster is from German ride maker Mack. Train has 10 rows with 2 seats in each.

Safety lap bar makes the ride very comfortable and more exciting. After exiting the loading station, the entire train moves to the left when it joints to the actuals track.

At first, it gets slowly launched towards the main loop. It rises only half way up and rolls backwards onto the vertical part of the track, for some awesome air time ( the best seats are in the very last row ).

Right after, the train receives full power push from the lines induction motors and accelerates into the full loop and rest of the track. There is one more loop and air hill, but the ride is quickly over.

The ride could be bit longer and faster, but that’s just me 🙂

Few more photos from around the Lionsgate area


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how to train your dragon motiongate dubai theme park

MOTIONGATE : How to Train Your Dragon land is now OPEN !

The wait is over…last zone inside the big blue DreamWorks building in Motiongate Theme Park Dubai is finally open!

How to Train Your Dragon is joining Shrek, Madagascar and Kung-Fu Panda themed “lands”.

Every land has one leading ride and few supporting ones. The best two rides are Madagascar’s “Mad Pursuit” rollercoaster with launched start and many light & sound effects and of course the newly opened Dragon Gliders.


DreamWorks contains 14 attractions and the brand new How to Train Your Dragon land is easily the best area in the park and world class attraction. Exquisite theming , attention to detail and immersive experience makes this place great choice while visiting Dubai.


How to Train Your Dragon zone  contains 3 attractions

  • The Swinging Viking – seated gondola which swings back and forth
  • Camp Viking – kids playground with water guns, crawl nets…
  • Dragon Gliders – suspended rollercoaster above village of Berk


Now…the pictures & VIDEO

The Swinging Viking :

Classic boat ride swinging back and forth with beautiful theming…

Camp Viking :

Interactive play area with water games, obstacles and fun tricks for everyone…

Dragon Gliders :

Inverted spinning dark ride build by German ride manufacturer Mack. Absolute must do ride at the park. I’ve done the ride 5 times in a row as there is so much to see and experience. Great mixture of animatronics, projections, multi sensory effects and scenes from twisting seats…can’t wait to go again.

The ride train seats 12 people in three sections and there are two trains in operation.

Enjoy VIDEO below including the play area, swinging boat and Dragon Gliders queue and outdoor part POV over the village of Berk.


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Motiongate Dubai Dreamworks Kung-Fu Panda Unstoppable Awesomness Ride

MOTIONGATE : Unstoppable Awesomeness is open !

Motiongate Dubai theme park quietly opened another ride inside its 45.000 sq.m indoor DreamWorks section.

Kunfu-Panda zone’s newest addition is called Unstoppable Awesomeness and I am happy to say it has the potential to be totally awesome ride, once all elements of the ride are fully operational.

Upon entering, you will be totally immersed in the Kunf-Fu Panda universe with its elaborate theming, twinkling Chinese lanterns and cleverly used forced perspective. This section of the park also host the Mr. Ping’s Noodle Fling ride ( spinning tea cups/bowls ).

All Motiongate attraction queuing lines are very well themed and Unstoppable Awesomeness is no exception.  Pleasant walk through Chinese forest lined by cute little buildings and bamboo leads to a pre-show room first.

There are actually two pre-shows. They are both witty, easily explaining the story and make you included as a part of the emperors guard, to follow Kung-Fu Panda on his journey with a secret delivery.

After entering the show room, you will board one of two boats. Each boat is mounted on a motion platform atop a scissors lift which raises the vehicle closer the the screen ( think Simpsons the Ride @Universal ).

This immersive 3D dark simulator ride was build by British company SimWorks, takes four minutes and each boat accommodate up to 25 riders. Hourly capacity is around 300 people.

Water spray effects and few other details didn’t work during my visits as the ride is still in technical rehearsal. Also the sound needs some fine tuning as I couldn’t understand the conversation of the characters.

As you can guess, you will be travelling on a wild rivers, falling down waterfalls and riding through many visual obstacles.

Overall experience was very satisfying and hopefully the remaining rides waiting to be open will be all similar quality. The soon to be open rides at DreamWork’s are Dragon Gliders suspended coaster and parks longest ride … Shrek’s Merry Fairy Tale Journey!

“Learn MORE about DreamWorks Zone HERE”

Once fully open, DreamWorks section will hosts 12 rides + 15 in the rest of the park. So far the “star” of Motiongate is a dark coaster entitled “Mad Pursuit” , based on Madagascar movie with its launch speed of 95km/h.

The world’s first Hunger Games movie based rides should be also open in a few a months, but if you can’t wait until then, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is opening their newest thrill ride “TURBO TRACK” on the 29th of March, so join me on the Yas Island 🙂

“Find out all about TURBO TRACK HERE” 


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Turbo Track Ferrari World

FERRARI WORLD : Turbo Track on track for launch on the 29th March!

Get ready! Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is bringing us a brand new breathtaking ( literally ) ride.

Intamin’s latest thrill creation will take you on a VERY fast journey with “zero gravity view” over the huge red roof of this Yas Island theme park.

See short video below, how the ride looks inside the park! The entire track is hidden behind the screen.

Turbo Track Ferrari World
Incredible view from the top!

Turbo Track is opening at the end of March and all rollercoaster fans can expect to be catapulted on top of the 64m (210ft) spiral track in just 15sec…and 15sec back!

Track is 180m (590ft) long and launch speed is 102km/h (63 mph)

Ferrari World’s newest ride has capacity over 700 guest per hour.

Turbo Track Ferrari World Abu Dhabi
Turbo Track Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

The attraction features 2 vehicles, each carrying 12 guests at the time and seats will be facing both ways…which means…twice the fun and two different experiences!

Turbo Track is newest addition to park’s ever growing collection of record breaking rides. Formula Rossa & Flying Aces already holds the trophy for fastest ride and tallest loop in the world.

“Watch Flying Aces in action HERE”

Attractions on Yas Island also includes Yas Waterworld ( open ), Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi ( 2018 ), Clymb ( 2018 ), and the recently announced first marine-life park outside the US, SeaWorld Abu Dhabi (with no Orca’s )!

Tickets from Aed195 / For more information visit

Turbo Track Ferrari World
Do you dare?


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Motiongate Dubai

MOTIONGATE DUBAI : Look inside the new DreamWorks zone!

The huge indoor section of Motiongate theme park – DreamWorks, is now open and  filled with Shrek, Kung-Fu Panda, How to Train Your Dragon and Madagascar characters and themed attractions.

Not every area, or ride is yet operational as the sign outside notifies…building is “technical rehearsal”!

Even so, the incredible theming, lighting and working attractions proving the huge entertainment potential. I am sure this place will become the showpiece of Motiongate theme park.

Motiongate Park Dubai
The Dreamworks building


The wow moment comes straight after walking through that door in form of a huge bronze character mash-up fountain.

And it doesn’t end here. After the disappointing Ghostbusters  and underwhelming Hotel Transylvania dark rides, the fun content of this big blue building lit up my eyes with childish excitement!

There are four zones and each of the them contains one main attraction and few supporting ones, mainly for kids.

How to Train Your Dragon area is still closed but will have a Viking theme.


  • Unstoppable Awesomeness – 4D simulator ( not open )
  • Mr. Fling’s Noodles Fling – tea cups style ride which is actually good fun
  • Kung-Fu Academy Stage show ( not open )


  • Melman-Go-Round carousel with great theming
  • Penguin Air – rotating aircraft, you have to pedal fast to take off
  • Madagascar Mad Pursuit – easily the BEST RIDE of the park. Launched roller-coaster in total darkness with surprising speed and many lighting effects ( most of them didn’t work yet ). Great fun!
  • Restaurant stage show ( not open )

  1. SHREK
  • Shrek’s Merry Fairy Tale Journey ( not open ) – some sort of puppet show
  • Swamp Celebration – spin ride with a “twist”

  1. HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON ( under construction )
  • The Swinging Viking – spinning boat
  • Dragon Gliders – suspended family coaster
Door to the soon to be open How To Train Your Dragon area…






Motiongate Dubai

MOTIONGATE : Opening Day, Hotel Transylvania and much more…

Motiongate Dubai theme park finally opened its gates! Travellerczech couldn’t miss that never-ending confetti rain and brings you the opening day photos & park/ride updates!

Dreamwork, Hunger Game zone’s and water raft ride are still closed, but most of the attractions are now fully operational.

Read & see all about Motiongate rides in my previous post HERE!

So far, all the rides appeal more to a families rather than adrenalin hungry theme park fans, but let’s see how the Bullet Train rollercoaster up’s the game once opened next spring.

Motiongate Dubai
John Hallenbeck ( park manager ) himself 🙂

Note…Sony Picture Studio was re-named to Columbia Pictures…

Motiongate Dubai

Now…few updated shots from around the park…

Hotel Transylvania :

Let’s have a closer look at the new dark ride. Again, the queuing area is amazing, so much details inside the show building itself and nice trackless vehicle system which takes you on a ride through different rooms inside the castle. Not much is happening though …

Not sure, why three rides ( Ghostbusters, Smurf Studio Tour and Hotel Transylvania ) has exactly the same ride system ( with different theming ). They all feel very static and you more, or less passively looking at pretty displayed props.

Smurf Studios Tour :

Cute and slow ride through Smurf Studio set up. It was actually quite enjoyable if you have no expectations, but I am sure the little ones will be delighted.

Also, the Smurf Village Express “coaster” was being tested ( not open ).

Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs river expedition :

Another ride which is still under construction…but for sure, it will be a very wet experience once ready.

Hunger Games :

Hopefully the “highlight” of the park … Capitol Bullet train and Flight over Panem attractions…stay tuned!

  • Tickets cost 250Aed per day, or 295 ( Special offer ) for all three parks

More updates will come soon !!! 🙂




Motiongate Park Dubai

DUBAI PARKS AND RESORTS : Motiongate…100 photos from world’s newest theme park!

Motiongate park Dubai is warming up for its grand opening on Dec 16th and Travellerczech is bringing you great bunch of photos and all the info you need to know from world’s newest theme park.

Motiongate Dubai welcomes Hollywood to the Middle East with 27 rides based on movies such as Shrek, Hunger Games, Kung Fu Panda, Green Hornet or Underworld.

I would like to share with you my experience and I hope you will find my post enjoyable and informative. All the descriptions and points below are based on my personal views as a regular global theme park visitor and compared with the biggest competitors in the industry…enjoy  responsibly ! 🙂

Entrance to the theme park

Motiongate is joining LEGOLAND Dubai, Bollywood Park & LEGOLAND Waterpark creating unique destination connected by entertaining zone called Riverland with Polynesian themed Lapita hotel.

By 2020, there will be 4 waterparks and 7 theme parks between Dubai and Abu Dhabi so expectations are running high!

Full of details, fun and colours…

Park itself is a bit of a walk through Riverland, but the main gate looks epic and really sets up the mood together with the movie songs playing in the background.

You cannot walk from one part of the park to another without seeing a street show, take a snap with movie characters or experience some excitement!

” Riverland photos – CLICK HERE”

Motiongate is definitely the best park from all four, inside Dubai Parks and Resorts (DPR).

Great theming, nice atmosphere and plenty of details to get immersed into the world of movies…still tons of work to do, but so much potential.

Only few rides were open during my visit and you can read my opinion about them below.

After entering, the Studio Central ( main street ) takes you to 4 different zones.

  1. Lionsgate
  • Step Up Dubai ! All in – musical show
  • Panem Aerial Tour – 3D flight simulator ( opening early 2017 )
  • Capitol Bullet Train – launched coaster ( opening early 2017 )
Studio Central “Main Street”
Future Gate to Lionsgate Zone

  • 2. Smurf’s Village (rides closed during my visit / under construction)
  • Smurfberry Factory – interactive kids area
  • Woodland Play Park – obstacles
  • Smurf Village Express – baby rollercoaster
  • Studio tour – dark ride
  • Smurf Village Playhouse
Entrance to beautifully themed Surfs Village

  1.  Dreamworks (closed during my visit / under construction)
  • Kung Fu Panda : Unstoppable Awesomeness – 4D simulator
  • Melman Go Round – carrousel
  • Penguin Air – rotating aircrafts
  • Madagascar Mad Pursuit – indoor speed coaster
  • The Swinging Viking – spinning boat
  • Shrek’s Merry Fairy Tale Journey – Puppet Show
  • Dragon Gliders – suspended family coaster
  • Swamp Celebration – spin ride
  • Kung Fu Academy stage show
  • Mr. Fling’s Noodles Fling – tea cups style ride
Dreamworks Indoor Zone

  1.  Sony Picture Studio ( some rides open during my visit )
  • Green Hornet High Speed Chase – rollercoaster
  • Ghostbusters Battle for New York – laser shooting dark ride
  • Zombie Blast Off – drop tower
  • Hotel Transylvania – family dark ride
  • Underworld 4D – movie show
  • Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs river adventure – water raft ride
  • Flint’s Imagination Lab – kids playground
Entrance to Sony Pictures Studio … letters coming soon
  • Green Hornet High Speed Chase  – well…not high speed at all, not even one moment of excitement for me. I would love to see Enchanted Airways (USS), or Flight of the Hippogriff (USO) quality. Queue is nice though.


  • Hotel Transylvania ( closed during my visit ) – just beautiful and great perspective makes the castle look much bigger then it is. Can’t wait to experience the dark ride!
  • Zombie Blast Off – classic drop tower, but nicely themed…
  • Ghostbuster : Battle for New York – I don’t want to be bad, but I was really expecting action packed and highly entertaining ride similar to Transformers, or Spiderman 3D in Universal Parks. Unfortunately, this is a laser-gun-ghost-on-the-screen-shooting-boredom. Such a wasted opportunity, the vehicle system looks impressive, theming also but laser guns and projections, such a let down…
  • Cloudy with a chance of meatballs – this wet and wild raft adventure is still under construction.
  • Underworld 4D – great queuing area and pre-show with lightning. The 3D effects are really strong, sharp and scary…maybe they shouldn’t be allowing small kids inside, as the movie has to be stopped to let the freaked out little ones out. Not enough 4D tricks. The movie would be better just with the glasses as the moving seats, water or air are just distracting. Also, didn’t get the story and there isn’t proper beginning or end to it. Feels random.


Restaurants and kiosk is plenty. All the interiors look really good, with quality finish and helpful staff.

Food variety is now limited to Pizza, Pasta, Burgers and Hot Dogs but soon, there will be a-la-carte restaurant. As you would except from a theme park, prices aren’t cheap and the burger I bought, was very small.



Selection and variety of branded character merchandise is great. The offering is more impressive than Tokyo Disneyland I have visited few weeks ago.  Watch your wallet 🙂

  • washrooms
  • water fountains
  • full body/clothes drying capsules
  • strollers parking areas / rental
  • lockers
  • guest services office
  • currency exchange / ATM
  • Baby care room
  • Photo collection
  • First Aid

  • 10 FUN FACTS :
  1. 1,9m sq.ft of park ( planned 4m for expansion )
  2. 21 from 27 rides are indoors
  3. 120 live shows / day
  4. 13 Hollywood blockbusters inspired rides
  5. 3170 seats for all rides and attractions in the park
  6. 1000 seats at Motiongate theatre
  7. 595 palm trees in the park
  8. 32m height of the tallest point on the Capitol Bullet Train coaster
  9. 5 rollercoasters ( only 1 big one though )
  10. 9 restaurants inside the park

  • Opening time : 11am – 7pm daily ( timing vary by day / season )
  • Regular entry cost : Aed 250 / Annual Pass Aed 865
  • Park is offering Q Fast Pass for additional fee/Parks also offers multi park packages
  • Location is in on Sheik Zayed road in Jebel Ali towards Abu Dhabi ( 20min drive from Dubai Marina / 50min from Dubai Downtown)
  • Parking is available for Aed 50 fee + free shuttle bus ride / VIP parking also available / No public transport yet.

“Don’t forget to check photos of Legoland & Bollywood Park Dubai”


Motiongate Park Map

Motiongate Park Map


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