Motiongate Dubai Dreamworks Kung-Fu Panda Unstoppable Awesomness Ride

MOTIONGATE : Unstoppable Awesomeness is open !

Motiongate Dubai theme park quietly opened another ride inside its 45.000 sq.m indoor DreamWorks section.

Kunfu-Panda zone’s newest addition is called Unstoppable Awesomeness and I am happy to say it has the potential to be totally awesome ride, once all elements of the ride are fully operational.

Upon entering, you will be totally immersed in the Kunf-Fu Panda universe with its elaborate theming, twinkling Chinese lanterns and cleverly used forced perspective. This section of the park also host the Mr. Ping’s Noodle Fling ride ( spinning tea cups/bowls ).

All Motiongate attraction queuing lines are very well themed and Unstoppable Awesomeness is no exception.  Pleasant walk through Chinese forest lined by cute little buildings and bamboo leads to a pre-show room first.

There are actually two pre-shows. They are both witty, easily explaining the story and make you included as a part of the emperors guard, to follow Kung-Fu Panda on his journey with a secret delivery.

After entering the show room, you will board one of two boats. Each boat is mounted on a motion platform atop a scissors lift which raises the vehicle closer the the screen ( think Simpsons the Ride @Universal ).

This immersive 3D dark simulator ride was build by British company SimWorks, takes four minutes and each boat accommodate up to 25 riders. Hourly capacity is around 300 people.

Water spray effects and few other details didn’t work during my visits as the ride is still in technical rehearsal. Also the sound needs some fine tuning as I couldn’t understand the conversation of the characters.

As you can guess, you will be travelling on a wild rivers, falling down waterfalls and riding through many visual obstacles.

Overall experience was very satisfying and hopefully the remaining rides waiting to be open will be all similar quality. The soon to be open rides at DreamWork’s are Dragon Gliders suspended coaster and parks longest ride … Shrek’s Merry Fairy Tale Journey!

“Learn MORE about DreamWorks Zone HERE”

Once fully open, DreamWorks section will hosts 12 rides + 15 in the rest of the park. So far the “star” of Motiongate is a dark coaster entitled “Mad Pursuit” , based on Madagascar movie with its launch speed of 95km/h.

The world’s first Hunger Games movie based rides should be also open in a few a months, but if you can’t wait until then, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is opening their newest thrill ride “TURBO TRACK” on the 29th of March, so join me on the Yas Island 🙂

“Find out all about TURBO TRACK HERE” 


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Bennos Great Race Ferrari World

FERRARI WORLD : New Attraction is NOW OPEN

Ferrari World is introducing a New Interactive Ride!

Only few weeks after opening the record breaking rollercoaster Flying Aces ( czech about my experience HERE ), the world’s biggest indoor theme park is bringing us a brand new attraction.

“Benno’s Great Race”, which was inaugurated yesterday, takes everyone on an adventurous journey with Benno the mouse, combining the storytelling of a dark ride with an interactive experience. The characters and scenery in the ride are brought to life in style which appeals to guests of all ages.

Bennos Great Race Ferrari World
Entrance of the ride

The 458 Italia Ferrari inspired car glides guests through multi-sensory scenes featuring three-dimensional panorama paired with two-dimensional graphics and integrated media that tests their gaming skills.

The attraction scores guests depending on performance in solving the various puzzles and games they come across as they help Benno the mouse.

Bennos Great Race Ferrari World
Themed Queue

Riders will encounter a number of tasks onboard the ride including; squashing tomatoes with a hammer, freeing “Missy” the dragonfly from a spider’s web, building Benno’s car at his workshop, capturing bees and placing them in a jar, and lighting fireworks.

Bennos Great Race Ferrari World
Benno the mouse

The ride can accommodate up to 5 guests at a time and lasts approximately 3.5 minutes.

Guests will have 20 seconds to complete each of the puzzles or games that they come across during the ride.

The ride was designed and manufactured by ETF Ride Systems from the Netherlands.

The theme park  have completed the second phase of the expansion introducing several new attractions and  increasing current capacity by 20%, which will go up to 40% by the time the expansion plans are completed with addition of 2 big rides…the SFX coaster and launched Shuttle coaster.

See construction images HERE 

We have definitely more to look forward to, so STAY TUNED ! 🙂






…Ferrari World Theme Park is working very hard to deliver more thrills and fun to us in the second half of this year.

Of course, Flying Aces has stolen the show for now, but next in  line is family ride Benno’s Great Race, due to opening on March 21st.

But there is something else growing up under the big red roof. Not just one, but two new coasters are in the last stages of construction.

Let’s have a look at the rumoured SFX Coaster first. But what exactly does SFX it mean?

The Dynamic Company, manufacturer who is producing this type of ride explains…”It combines a high thrill coaster with new track technologies, high definition storytelling visuals and state-of-the art audio effects”

Most of the coaster track its hidden inside a big boxy building and only a small part with “cobra roll” is outside. The exposed track is painted red, but the inside part is black. That suggests that most of the ride will be in the dark.

The entrance will be through the new Italian themed area next to Flying Aces ( See on the map )

The second attraction looks even more interesting as it appears like a launched coaster entering the outside glass funnel. The track is replacing the 60m tall G-Force Drop Tower ( closed 2014 ) and will go through the wall and vertically up. I guess, a reversed free-fall will follow.

The track isn’t too long, so it should be fast and furious. It will be interesting to see how they are going to deal with the noise and the heat coming through the hole in the funnel inside the building.

I am expecting a similar style ride to Six Flags Superman : Escape from Krypton, mixed with Vertical Velocity.

flying aces

FERRARI WORLD : Park Update / PART 1

The World’s biggest indoor theme park starts the year with the opening of a big new Intamin made coaster – Flying Aces.

Finally, I had the chance to experienced it. Once under the huge red roof, I have also visited most of the other rides.  Sit back, relax and enjoy this little tour.

The park is now undergoing major facelift to face the tough competition…soon to be open 4 theme parks in Dubai. ( 50min drive away )

New Italian theming is coming up and most importantly new rides are on its way ( more in PART 2 )

The main reason for my visit was of course the Flying Aces coaster. To experience the steepest lift hill and fly through the tallest ( 52m ) loop with a twist.

After long delay due to technical issues, the gate of the Hangar finally opened. I was happy to see one of the most detailed and themed queue line, easily comparable to best Universal’s or Disney attractions. The attention to detail, effects, sounds and different theming is excellent.

The queue line is designed as a walk thru country side with projections, TV’s behind the windows and ton’s of props, holographic projections, lots of rock work and fake greenery.

You will not see the coaster train until the very last minute, all you hear is just happy clapping and cheering. The last room has an instructional projection which in my opinion, is way too laud. The queue time was around 30min most of the day.

The ride itself takes off from an Airplane Hangar. You will be directly launched on to fast ascesing lift hill before the big drop towards the huge loop. “The Flight” is fantastic , smooth and quite long.

Well done Ferrari World.

⇒ For another great Flying Aces VIDEO click HERE 

Let’s take a look at the other rides :

  • Formula Rossa : the acceleration of 240km/h in under 5 seconds and 4.8Gs really does feel AMAZING! The queue line needs to be updated and the ride efficiency isn’t very good. Always  longest waiting time from all the rides.

  • FioranoGT Challenge : duelling coasters racing on a flat track. For kids and not very comfortable. No queue all day.

  • Speed of Magic : Universal’s Transformer style ride, but without the Universal’s technology. 3D effects don’t work, projection is more like a video game and theming in between screen sequences badly painted.

  • Viaggio in Italia : so much potential, but let down by poor quality projection and dripping water from the spray effect diffusers. The ride is identical to Soarin in Disney Epcot, but with Italy themed flight video.

  • Made in Maranello : ride thru Ferrari Factory. Don’t expect Epcot’s Test Track. It would be ok to see this at a Car Autosalon but not in a theme park. Could be definitely replaced with something new.

  • Shows : there are 4 shows currently running in different times of the day. The good ones are Viva Ferrari with 2 dancers performing in/with a screen ( every 1 hour/45 min ) and RED, which is acrobatic show ( at 2 and 4 pm )

  • Car drive simulators & Kids play areas :

There is plenty of clean washrooms around the park, free water fountains and helpful staff. I was very pleasantly surprised, every single member of staff was cheerful, friendly and made me feel welcome.

The entire huge space has many unused areas and a lot construction is currently happening, so expect some de-tours.

Restaurants around the park offers mostly Italian food, but International selection is easily available. Couple of nice coffee shops with cozy seating to relax and of course shops to purchase some “black horse” branded memorabilia.

Before you plan your visit check on the website if you favourite ride is open that day !


Big photo update about 2 upcoming rides in PART 2 … come czech back soon !

Ferrari World

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FERRARI WORLD : Flying Aces HD test video

Ferrari World’s new record breaking Rollecoaster will be open for public on the 24th Feb at 6pm.

Enjoy my HD video “up close and personal” from the very last test ride on this very day.

I will visit and experience it very soon to bring you more photos and details.

Stay tuned 🙂

FERRARI WORLD : Flying Aces rollercoaster test photos & video link

The countdown has begun.

Calling all rollercoaster fans and “adrenaline junkies” write down  the flowing date : 24th February 2016.

The addition of the record breaking rollercoaster ‘Flying Aces’ to Abu Dhabi’s Ferrari World will start flying over the Yas Island skyline soon.

‘Flying Aces’ is supposed to have the world’s steepest starting hill incline of 51 degrees, plus  the world’s tallest loop, stretching 52 metres high.

It was built by ride manufacturer ‘Intamin’ and testing is currently in a full swing. The 4 seat / 7 row, yellow train has  a capacity of 28 people and a ride time of around 1.30 min.

The Yas Island theme park already boasts the world’s fastest roller coaster ‘Formula Rossa’, which reaches 0-240km/h in just 4.9 seconds, but in my opinion it is the only other decent attraction housed at the iconic red roofed theme park.

I cant’ wait to experience this brand new rollercoaster and share with you my first impressions and photos.

Thank you to#UAEPROJECT for kindly letting me post screenshots from the video link below, please enjoy 🙂




EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS : Ferrari World Construction Update

…ground works nearly finished at Ferrari World’s new “Flying Aces” coaster building site.

New rollercoaster also has an indoor part, which is already finished and all focus is now on finishing loading station of the coaster which appears to be outside the main “red roof” structure.

The 52m loop with inversion definitely looks impressive and it is visible from far away.

Ride is build by Liechtenstein based attraction company Intamin.

Please enjoy small photo update below.

EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS : Ferrari World Coaster Construction Update

…finishing touches are being done on a track of Ferrari World’s new coaster “Flying Aces”

Enjoy this latest photo update from the building site. Track is looking nearly completed and the workers are mostly focusing on a ground works.

Not sure about the record breaking steepest lift hill, but the 52m loop definitely looks impressive and it will definitely become a new Yas Island’s iconic structure.

If you look closely, you can see track partially going underground which is a new interesting detail.

Ride is build by Liechtenstein based attraction company Intamin.


EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS : “Flying Aces” rollecoaster in Ferrari World Construction

Have a look at first photos of construction of a new Ferrari World’s rollercoaster: Flying Aces.

As you can see pillars and track goes up very quickly and I am sure, the biggest loop ( 52m ) and record breaking starting hill ( 51 degrees ) will create a new dominant on the Yas Island skyline very soon.

Ferrari World explains, that Flying Aces is inspired by Italy’s “ace of aces” Count Francesco Baracca, a famous Italian aviator of the 1900s whose legendary Prancing Horse emblem was inherited by Enzo Ferrari.

The theme park also announced more rides and shows coming in near future.