HARD ROCK HOTEL : tallest hotel in the world near completion in Dubai Marina

Hard Rock branded mega tower is nearly completion in Dubai Marina.

The 101 storey, 432 m (1,417 ft) tall skyscraper under current “Marina 101” name in Dubai Marina should be after many delays finally finished by year end.

The roof glass structure is being slowly unveiled and mood lighting has been tested just few days ago.

The first 33 floors of the skyscraper will have a 5-star Hard Rock hotel with 281 rooms, while the floors from 34 to 100 will have residential apartments. The 101st floor of the skyscraper will feature a club and lounge. Cant’ wait for the views

Marina 101 will be the tallest hotel building in the world and the second tallest in the UAE, that would also be enough to make it the 15th tallest building in the world.

“Czech” the latest pictures below.