doha airport

DOHA : Fly from the world’s latest mega Airport

Doha’s Hamad Intl. Airport ( HIA ) has already been open for some time, but only recently, all works were finally completed, including landscaping and indoor glass sci-fi train, which quietly glides through the terminal.

Airports playing a substantial part of the travelling experience and a good airport can really enhance the entire journey.

HIA is the world’s newest mega airport and quickly become my second favourite (after Singapore Changi of course) due to remarkable architecture, smooth transfers and inspiring environment. The airport feels relaxed and not hectic compare to DXB airport to other busy airports around the world.

The massive departure hall is surprisingly quiet and subtle colour décor makes the space feel warm and calming. The dramatic curving silhouette reminds of an ocean waves. But let the photos speak for themselves…




HIA is home to Qatar Airways, competing with Emirates, or Etihad in terms of quality. In my opinion, QR and EY are more focusing on “premium” passengers but even so, economy class is far better than most European and all American carriers.

The Teddy bear …
Art installation by New York based Swiss artist Urs Fischer made of cast bronze. It is 7m tall and weighting 18 tons. Teddy was purchased through an auction for 6.8mil.USD. Ooops…

Now, enjoy some interesting facts:

  • Current capacity is 30mil. passengers, the full build out will be 50 million passengers per year.
  • Over 60% of the land the new airport sits on is reclaimed. The sea was buried so that the airport could sit where it does and not disturb the area around it.
  • While the airport does look like one massive structure, there are over 100 buildings.
  • HIA is 29 square kilometers big (11.2 Square Miles), that makes it the 9th biggest in the world.
  • 175 check-in counters / 16 lounges / hotel / spa / 50 F&B outlets / sleeping areas / Free fast Wi-Fi / Kids playgrounds / Free use of Apple Mac’s / endless shopping
  • Enjoy one of the 28 art installations by local, regional, and international artists.
  • The airport has 42 parking bays for aircrafts.
  • 4,850 metre-long Eastern Runway and 4,250 metre Western Runway which are 2km apart.
  • Three radar systems scans the runway 24/7.
  • Opened April2014